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Why Choose Antonelli College - Cincinnati?

Posted on

college in downtown CincinnatiIn choosing which institution is best for fulfilling your dream, quite a lot of factors are to be considered as they properly helmet you for achieving your personal goal. We at the Cincinnati campus understand the need for a comprehensive system that pushes towards helping our students achieve both their personal and collective goals through the employment of productive approaches that will pivot you to where you want to be. Here are some of our provisions properly aligned to make your career dreams come through:

Small Classes with Personalized Attention

At Antonelli College in Cincinnati, we understand the need for a smaller setting in teaching; in infusing knowledge using a small, productive class of people. We are aware that a large group learning together might not absorb knowledge as they should because staff and resources are far more limited to the disproportionate number of learners. This reality prompted us to make adequate provision for small classes that match just exactly with available resources. This move has enabled better 1-on-1 time between our staff and students over the years, Its impact has further helped our tutors to personalize teaching as we understand that the need of every student varies as are their faces.

Career-relevant Courses

Our classes are designed to fit best for your purpose at our Cincinnati college. We ensure that our courses are in line and adequately relevant to your choice course of study. We understand the need for focus in a concise and effective dimension, and that is what we at Antonelli College teach and stand for.

Family Atmosphere

You would agree that being with your family brings you into a rare kind of magic. You do things better and more easily. That's why at Antonelli College - Cincinnati, we carefully employ a family setting that leaves you with memorable feelings as if you never left home. Our teaching and non-teaching staff members, students and visitors key into this standard, and that is what has made our college stood out from others over time.

Flexible Class Scheduling

We have been where you want to be, and we know the things you need to get there. To finance your convenience, we ensured that your class schedules are presented to you on a flexible template. We offer both morning and evening classes, as well as you can take your classes in a blended at-school and online format. That means you come to campus for some courses and take the others online at your convenience.

Lifetime Career Placement Assistance

Because we take your future seriously here at Cincinnati College, we make provision to offer you assistance on your lifetime career placement in your desired career field. We don't just build you and leave you there, we build you and see you through even after graduation.

Your Teachers Work in your Field

We recruit the best hand not just in the areas of your field of study, but in the practical and industrial sense of it. Our teachers are on the job in the industry and they are aware of the ongoing and the most modern of practices in your field of specialization. So keep calm. You are covered!

Scholarship Offer

We know there is a need to reward those who merit it with a gift that makes them want to become better in their respective fields, and that's why at Antonelli College in Cincinnati, we make effort to look keenly for those who have proven themselves worthy of our scholarships and then go on to award them. In our quest to also make learning easier for our students, we go on to offer customized financial assistance for those who are qualified.

Whatever you need to make it to the apex of your career course, we at Cincinnati already got you covered. Our students are everywhere in the global space breaking outstanding grounds in their respective fields. Consider studying in Cincinnati college today, and it would certainly be one of the best decisions you ever made in your career choice.

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Curious how much student loan debt you have?

Posted on

You can see on NSLDS's website. Here are the steps:

When students are trying to keep track of their student financial aid whether it is loans or grants, there is one good website to reference.  The National Student Loan Database System (NSLDS) stores loan and grant information that both Financial Aid Professionals and Students can utilize.

For students searching for information on their loans such as current lenders, total amount borrowed (Direct and FFEL loans), and current enrollment status they can visit NSLDS for this information;  When you sign in, you will need your Personal Identification Number (PIN) used to electronically sign your FASFA which can be found at the following link If you have changed your last name, you will need to remember which name you used to sign up for the PIN as this is the key identifier associated.

Once you have logged into the student side of NSLDS you can look at all your loan and grant information under “Financial Aid Review”.  A list of Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans, Consolidated loans and grant information are listed with numbers next them.  If you click on the number next to the loan you will be given more information regarding the loan in question.

Within that loan you will know the current outstanding balance, if the loan is in repayment, deferment, forbearance, etc. Other information provided is your Servicer, Lender, and Guaranty Agency Information with their address and phone number. This information is extremely helpful if you are unaware of whom to contact regarding your student loans.

Another helpful tab within this site is the “Glossary of Terms” page.  This page provides a brief definition of what a word or group of words mean.  For example, if you were to click on the term “status” it would bring you to the definition and shows all the codes that are used within NSLDS.  You can use this reference to see which type your loan falls under and if you should be contacting your lender immediately. Also, don’t forget the “FAQ’s” tab.  Here you will be able to find commonly asked questions with answers.

Remember this website contains a bundle of information for the student to use in managing their debt and deferment status. If you have any questions, contact your lender or your schools Financial Aid Department with any questions.  There are many resources available for managing your loans and this is one of them.

Don’t forget to log off!

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  On Friday, Antonelli Cincinnati held its first Lights, Camera, Santa! Event. Mr. and Mrs. Claus sat for pictures in a Winter Wonderland designed by Interior Design students and faculty. Photography students sna...
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