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Ohio Nursing Board Voted to Extend Conditional Approval of Antonelli College’s Practical Nursing Program

Posted on

Today the Ohio Board of Nursing voted to extend the conditional approval of the Practical Nursing program at Antonelli College's Cincinnati campus. Effective immediately, Antonelli College will begin enrolling nursing students for the January semester.

“We are thrilled with the board’s decision to extend approval for our nursing program," said Mary Ann Davis, President of Antonelli College. “We have worked very cooperatively with the Board to be certain we are in compliance with all the requirements of a quality PN program. This extension of our approval validates all of our efforts and allows us to continue to serve our students and the Greater Cincinnati community.”

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Antonelli College’s Cincinnati Campus Granted Stay Order for PN Program

Posted on

Antonelli College has been granted a stay of the recent order by the Ohio Board of Nursing’s revoking their approval of the program the Practical Nursing Program. A stay grants Antonelli College the opportunity to resume classes and allow our nursing students to move forward in their program.

The leadership of Antonelli College will immediately be meeting with the practical nursing students impacted by this decision to help them resume their classes and to alleviate this disruption to their lives.

“We are pleased with the court’s decision to grant a stay on the Ohio Board of Nursing’s decision to revoke approval of our program. From the moment we learned of the Board’s decision our first focus has been to find a solution for the students. This decision will impact so many of our students by allowing them to continue in their pursuit to become nurses,” said Mary Ann Davis, President of Antonelli College. “We will continue with our appeal of the Board’s’ decision and we feel confident that we will be successful in our appeal. “

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What is the Salary of a Practical Nurse?

Posted on

As a practical nurse, you will work under the supervision of a registered nurse or physician, performing a variety of duties. You will receive the training and skills necessary while enrolled in a diploma program at an accredited college or vocational school. The practical nursing diploma program will typically take between 10-12 months to complete, depending on the educational institution that you enroll in. Once you have successfully completed your practical nursing degree program, you will need to take a certification exam before you can begin practicing. Once you pass the exam, you could have the ability to work as a practical nurse and earn an annual salary of $41,000.Licensed Practical Nurses Salary

The Average Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a practical nurse is $41,000. The top 10 percent of practical nurses earned an average of $57,000, while the lowest ten percent earned $31,000.

As a practical nurse, you have the option to work full-time or part-time, depending on your preferences. Some nurses work shifts that last longer than eight hours; this will depend on your employer. 


The state that you work in could impact your salary as a practical nurse. It is true that some states pay higher salaries for nurses than others. For example, a practical nurse in Connecticut could earn $52,000 a year, in comparison to a practical nurse in Louisiana who earns an average of $37,000.

Some of the other highest paying states for a practical nurse include California, New Jersey, Mexico, and Rhode Island. Nurses in these states earn an average of $49,000 to $51,000. 

Type of Employers

The employer that you work for could have a major impact on your salary. Most practical nurses that work in a nursing home will earn more money than those who work in other healthcare facilities. The average salary for an individual who works in a nursing home facility was $42,000. Practical nurses working in a physician’s office earned $36,000, which is $3,000 less than a practical nurse who works in a hospital.

Future for Practical Nurses

The future for practical nurses is bright; in fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the job growth for a practical nurse to increase by 25 percent. This is at a much faster rate than other occupations.

If you have a specialization, you could earn a higher salary as a practical nurse. Some areas of specialization include hospice care, labor and delivery, and pediatrics. An emergency room practical nurse can earn a higher salary as well - $44,000 per year. 

Source: US Department of Labor - Bureau of Labor Statistics

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How to Become a Practical Nurse

Posted on

LPN NursingWorking in the nursing industry may be your goal, but you do not want to spend years and years in school training and taking college courses. If this is the case, you should consider becoming a practical nurse. You will typically complete your nursing program in less than 12 months; some students can earn their nursing diploma in 10 months, depending on the program you take, and how well you do in the program. Once you have successfully completed your practical nursing diploma program at an accredited college, you could take the certification exam necessary to begin practicing as a practical nurse. 

Courses and Training

Once you find the practical nursing program that is best for you, there are a variety of courses you will be required to take. Some of those courses include:

  • Pharmacology
  • Biology
  • Nursing
  • and more…

In addition to the classroom work you will need to take in order to complete your practical nursing diploma program, you will need to be trained. This training will take place outside of the classroom in a clinic or hospital setting. The clinical experience you are required to have before you can receive your practical nursing diploma will be under the supervision of an instructor.

The training and skills that you learn while enrolled in a practical nursing diploma program could help you develop the nursing skills that are necessary to work in the medical field. Some of those skills include compassion and communication. You will be required to assist patients, which will require you to communicate with the patients and their family member effectively. You cannot give a patient the wrong type of advice; this could be bad for their physical well-being. These skills are necessary for you to build a rapport with your patients.

As a practical nurse, you could be required to spend a majority of the day on your feet, which is why physical stamina is also required; you may also be required to move and transport patients.


Even if you have successfully completed your practical nursing diploma program, you cannot begin working as a practical nurse. Employers will require you to be certified before you can begin practicing. The National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN) is required by all nurses who want to practice, regardless of which state you are practicing in.

Advancing your Career

After you have completed a practical nursing diploma program, you could further your education. Some options include earning specializations and certifications in specific areas, such as IV Therapy, Gerontology, and more. You also have the option to enroll in a degree program to earn your associate or Bachelor of Science degree in nursing.

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Antonelli College Hattiesburg campus received approval by the state of Mississippi to offer a Practical Nursing program

Posted on

As the need for licensed practical nurses continues to grow, Antonelli College is one step closer to supplying the increasing demand in the Hattiesburg area. In June, Antonelli College received preliminary approval from the Mississippi Community College Board to offer a new Practical Nursing program at the Hattiesburg campus, which allows the college to begin enrolling students in the new program and to teach the program. The new program received preliminary approval based on the recommendation of a peer review team of Mississippi practical nursing educators, and will undergo an additional visit in the first year of operations in the process of seeking full accreditation.

Pending approval from its institutional accrediting agency, Antonelli College—Hattiesburg expects to open its doors to the first class of 20 practical nursing students this September. The new program will enroll up to a total of 55 practical nursing students annually with three class starts per year and occupy a dedicated space that includes a new nursing lab that is equipped with the latest nursing lab instructional equipment. Students who complete Antonelli College's 12-month program will receive a Diploma in Practical Nursing.

Antonelli College has hired Ms. Linda Shows, MS, BSN, RN, a seasoned practical nursing educator who has educated hundreds of Mississippi practical nurses, as a founding chair for the new program. “We are really proud of the work that Ms. Shows did in setting up the program, finding and hiring talented faculty, and putting together a great program advisory committee. Additionally, she has excelled at working with her colleagues from other practical nursing programs in the process of peer review of the program to implement their suggestions for making our nursing program even stronger,” said Judy Edwards, Dean of Academic Affairs of Antonelli College—Hattiesburg. Ms. Edwards further noted the program’s success in establishing clinical education agreements.

“With nurses in high demand, we are proud to be one of the schools in our area that will provide a quality education for nursing students,” says Steve Bryant, Campus President. “We look forward to a long tradition of providing our local healthcare community with the quality practical nurses needed to serve the people of South Mississippi.”

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment of licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses is projected to grow 25 percent for 2012 to 2022, which is significantly faster than the average for all occupations. As the baby-boom population ages, the overall need for healthcare services is expected to increase, making way for more LPN job opportunities in hospitals, physicians' offices, residential assisting-living facilities, and other healthcare settings. Additionally, there's a large anticipated number of currently employed LPNs who are facing retirement, which will create yet another area of employment opportunity in the upcoming decade. The job outlook for licensed and experienced LPNs, according to the BLS, is projected to be quite strong.

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