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Why Choose Antonelli College - Cincinnati?

Posted on

college in downtown CincinnatiIn choosing which institution is best for fulfilling your dream, quite a lot of factors are to be considered as they properly helmet you for achieving your personal goal. We at the Cincinnati campus understand the need for a comprehensive system that pushes towards helping our students achieve both their personal and collective goals through the employment of productive approaches that will pivot you to where you want to be. Here are some of our provisions properly aligned to make your career dreams come through:

Small Classes with Personalized Attention

At Antonelli College in Cincinnati, we understand the need for a smaller setting in teaching; in infusing knowledge using a small, productive class of people. We are aware that a large group learning together might not absorb knowledge as they should because staff and resources are far more limited to the disproportionate number of learners. This reality prompted us to make adequate provision for small classes that match just exactly with available resources. This move has enabled better 1-on-1 time between our staff and students over the years, Its impact has further helped our tutors to personalize teaching as we understand that the need of every student varies as are their faces.

Career-relevant Courses

Our classes are designed to fit best for your purpose at our Cincinnati college. We ensure that our courses are in line and adequately relevant to your choice course of study. We understand the need for focus in a concise and effective dimension, and that is what we at Antonelli College teach and stand for.

Family Atmosphere

You would agree that being with your family brings you into a rare kind of magic. You do things better and more easily. That's why at Antonelli College - Cincinnati, we carefully employ a family setting that leaves you with memorable feelings as if you never left home. Our teaching and non-teaching staff members, students and visitors key into this standard, and that is what has made our college stood out from others over time.

Flexible Class Scheduling

We have been where you want to be, and we know the things you need to get there. To finance your convenience, we ensured that your class schedules are presented to you on a flexible template. We offer both morning and evening classes, as well as you can take your classes in a blended at-school and online format. That means you come to campus for some courses and take the others online at your convenience.

Lifetime Career Placement Assistance

Because we take your future seriously here at Cincinnati College, we make provision to offer you assistance on your lifetime career placement in your desired career field. We don't just build you and leave you there, we build you and see you through even after graduation.

Your Teachers Work in your Field

We recruit the best hand not just in the areas of your field of study, but in the practical and industrial sense of it. Our teachers are on the job in the industry and they are aware of the ongoing and the most modern of practices in your field of specialization. So keep calm. You are covered!

Scholarship Offer

We know there is a need to reward those who merit it with a gift that makes them want to become better in their respective fields, and that's why at Antonelli College in Cincinnati, we make effort to look keenly for those who have proven themselves worthy of our scholarships and then go on to award them. In our quest to also make learning easier for our students, we go on to offer customized financial assistance for those who are qualified.

Whatever you need to make it to the apex of your career course, we at Cincinnati already got you covered. Our students are everywhere in the global space breaking outstanding grounds in their respective fields. Consider studying in Cincinnati college today, and it would certainly be one of the best decisions you ever made in your career choice.

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Antonelli College offers Assistance to Displaced ITT Technical Institute Students

Posted on

Cincinnati, OH. – Antonelli College will offer transfers for students affected by the sudden closing of ITT Technical Institute. 

Antonelli College has been approved by the State of Ohio as a school who is willing to assist these displaced students to transition from their program at ITT Technical Institute to Antonelli College. ITT Technical Institute's sudden closure displaced more than 35,000 students from their programs nationwide.

Displaced students who want to explore their educational transition options should call our Antonelli College Community Relations Specialist, Michele Anderson, at (513) 824-7004 or send a text message to (513) 300-0669.  She will be able to answer questions about the application process, financial aid and other special situations students may have. 

ITT Technical Institute announced Sept. 6 it was shutting down all of its campuses, citing sanctions from the U.S. Department of Education that barred the school from obtaining federal student loans and grants for ITT students. This decision came from findings that ITT was out of compliance with its accreditation standards.  

To learn more about Antonelli College and its accreditation, visit http://www.antonellicollege.edu, call (513) 241-4338 or send an email to michele.anderson@antonellicollege.edu.

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Choosing Paralegal Studies as an Online Major

Posted on

Careers with Online Legal StudiesUpon the completion of Paralegal Studies Degree, you will obtain the necessary knowledge that will prepare you for your major.  Application of the knowledge and critical judgment is the core of the course of our Legal Studies program.  Paralegal studies offer you in integrating business and law compared to other paralegal specialization.  Under this major, you will be trained on how to identify and establish organizational issue based on the legal standpoint.  This will also serve as your framework in developing a business solution.  After the completion of the Paralegal studies, you will be able to contribute to the increasing demand of professionals who want to ensure that their standards, regulatory and procedures are legally met if not exceeded.

An Overview of the Paralegal Studies Online Program 

When enrolling for a Paralegal Major, make sure that the instructors are experts internationally in the field; however, they should know more than the theory.  They should have a thorough experience in the field of business and law.  Acquiring the study from someone who has an experience will give you a closer insight about the career opportunities in your field of study.  Knowledge regarding business law is important when you deal with different aspects of business including but not limited to transaction of property, development of policy, risk management, human resources and negotiations of contract.

By acquiring a Legal Studies major, you can be sure that you will be in a great position of the company both private and public and in various specialties such as environment, social responsibility, government relation, corporate policy, regulatory affairs and compliance.

Typically, Paralegal Studies Degree students are required to complete at least 39 credits.  They need to complete short courses such as general studies, elective courses, and others.  Law and Business Major are also available as part-time program.  Part-time is provided to individuals who wish to take the specialties at their own pace.  This is because of family or daytime responsibilities.  

By taking Paralegal Studies courses, you are opening your door through numerous career opportunities.


(Public Sector)

  1. District Attorney’s Office
  2. County Attorney’s Office
  3. Public Defender’s Office
  4. Police Departments
  5. Tax Assessor’s Office
  6. Chancery Clerk’s office
  7. Circuit Clerk’s office
  8. Attorney General’s office
  9. Department of Environmental Quality
  10. Any other state agencies like these who would require the use of a paralegal to perform legal research and draft legal documents.

(Private Sector)

  1. Law firms (numerous different types of law firms/specialized areas of the law, i.e there is a niche for everyone)
  2. Insurance companies
  3. Corporations (in house counsel for almost all large corporations that need paralegals)
  4. Banks (trust departments)
  5. Manufacturing companies
  6. Private Investigations
  7. Risk & Loss Departments
  8. Human Resource Departments 

These are just a few different areas that Paralegals can find jobs, but are not all inclusive. 

As a Paralegal expert, you can even specialize in different type of legalities after you completed your major in Paralegal Studies Degree.  You can choose Corporate Paralegal, estate Planning Paralegal, Immigration Paralegal, Intellectual Property, Litigation and Real Estate Paralegal.  The sector of paralegal is projected to increase up to 8% from years 2014-2024 which makes it a very desirable career path.*


*According to the US Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook for Paralegal and Legal Assistants http://www.bls.gov/ooh/Legal/Paralegals-and-legal-assistants.htm

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Antonelli College Announces A2B - Associates Degree to Bachelor Degree Transfer Program with National American University

Posted on

Antonelli College signs an Associates Degree to Bachelor Degree program articulation agreement with National American University

Nationally-accredited Antonelli College has entered into an articulation agreement with regionally-accredited National American University for an Associates Degree to Bachelor Degree transfer program.

This will facilitate a block transfer of college credits earned from any of Antonelli College's A.A.S or A.A.B programs towards one of four Bachelor of Science degree programs at National American University. The four Bachelor degree programs that Associate degree graduates can enter are the Bachelor of Science in Management program, Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management program, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program, or the Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership program.

“The new partnership with National American University offers a terrific opportunity for our students who are interested in going to the next level of education and complete their Bachelor’s degree without starting over,” said Antonelli College's Online Campus President, Stacie Hendrickson. “Antonelli College is committed to providing our students with the roadmap they need to continue their education and launch successful careers in a highly competitive job market.” .

The articulation agreement outlines specific courses Antonelli College students must take in order to transfer into one of the four degree majors at NAU. For more information on the articulation agreement or the course transfer matrices, visit http://www.antonellicollege.edu/admissions/associates-degree-to-bachelor-program.

Associates to Bachelors Program


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Antonelli College Now Provides Blended Format Option for All Programs.

Posted on

Available at all ground campus locations, Antonelli College is now offering a blended format for all programs offered. This blended format option allows the ultimate flexibility for students to take some of their program classes online and some at campus.

Antonelli College rolled out this option because many students have the challenge of balancing life, work, and school; and so a solution was formed to address the balancing act. It’s the best of both worlds, as blended courses offer better scheduling options with less time away from students' busy lives while also providing the valuable hands-on experience that students will need in their chosen professions. For more information, please contact any campus location.

Blended Format Option

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New Photography Diploma Program Offered

Posted on

Cincinnati Photography DiplomaAntonelli College Cincinnati campus now offers a shorter term Photography diploma program, which will provide students with the technical instruction required to enter a professional photography career.

Antonelli College is now offering a Diploma option to their Photography program at their downtown Cincinnati campus, located at 124 East 7th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202. They are now accepting applications for the Photography diploma program.  “We are now enrolling students for the diploma track which begins on January 5, 2015,” said Edward Rito, Campus President for Cincinnati Ohio campus of Antonelli College.

Antonelli College's Photography program currently offers an Associates Degree in Applied Business, which is designed to be completed within 19-24 months. The shorter-term diploma program will allow students to complete their photography courses in as little as 10 months. The main difference between the degree and diploma curriculum is that students enrolled in the diploma program will take minimal general education courses with a strong emphasis placed on the core photography courses.

The Photography diploma program prepares students for entry-level careers in commercial advertising photography, corporate photography, portrait and wedding photography, and as digital photography technicians. This program is a foundation of the Photography A.A.B. degree program. Students completing the diploma program will be able to apply all of the diploma program’s courses towards the degree program. The program also incorporates a capstone requirement of a Portfolio Presentation course, which will provide students with an opportunity to compile a comprehensive portfolio of their work, which demonstrates student proficiency in photography to future employers.

Photography Department Chair of Antonelli College, Andrea Millette professes, "It is an exciting new option at the Cincinnati campus of Antonelli College to be able to offer the Photography diploma program. As the Department Chair, I feel the Diploma program offers a very close technical second to the Associates Degree curriculum, allowing anyone who may already hold a degree from another institution to complete the technical and creative coursework and be prepared to work as a professional photographer. The diploma offering also offers the already established photographer a set of coursework to improve upon their existing skills without the need for general education courses slowing their progress. If an individual feels they are more concerned about time, they can complete the Diploma, and choose to continue on to complete the full degree after, as all classes are 100% transferrable to the Associates degree curriculum."

Those interested in applying to Antonelli College’s Photography program should contact the College at the Cincinnati Main Campus at 513.241.4338 or request information on the website. 

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How to Become a Practical Nurse

Posted on

LPN NursingWorking in the nursing industry may be your goal, but you do not want to spend years and years in school training and taking college courses. If this is the case, you should consider becoming a practical nurse. You will typically complete your nursing program in less than 12 months; some students can earn their nursing diploma in 10 months, depending on the program you take, and how well you do in the program. Once you have successfully completed your practical nursing diploma program at an accredited college, you could take the certification exam necessary to begin practicing as a practical nurse. 

Courses and Training

Once you find the practical nursing program that is best for you, there are a variety of courses you will be required to take. Some of those courses include:

  • Pharmacology
  • Biology
  • Nursing
  • and more…

In addition to the classroom work you will need to take in order to complete your practical nursing diploma program, you will need to be trained. This training will take place outside of the classroom in a clinic or hospital setting. The clinical experience you are required to have before you can receive your practical nursing diploma will be under the supervision of an instructor.

The training and skills that you learn while enrolled in a practical nursing diploma program could help you develop the nursing skills that are necessary to work in the medical field. Some of those skills include compassion and communication. You will be required to assist patients, which will require you to communicate with the patients and their family member effectively. You cannot give a patient the wrong type of advice; this could be bad for their physical well-being. These skills are necessary for you to build a rapport with your patients.

As a practical nurse, you could be required to spend a majority of the day on your feet, which is why physical stamina is also required; you may also be required to move and transport patients.


Even if you have successfully completed your practical nursing diploma program, you cannot begin working as a practical nurse. Employers will require you to be certified before you can begin practicing. The National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN) is required by all nurses who want to practice, regardless of which state you are practicing in.

Advancing your Career

After you have completed a practical nursing diploma program, you could further your education. Some options include earning specializations and certifications in specific areas, such as IV Therapy, Gerontology, and more. You also have the option to enroll in a degree program to earn your associate or Bachelor of Science degree in nursing.

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Antonelli College announces a new Dental Assistant program at their Cincinnati and West Chester, OH locations

Posted on

Antonelli College is pleased to announce that their Cincinnati and West Chester, OH campuses located at 124 East 7th Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202 (Cincinnati-Main Campus) and the 9100 West Chester Towne Center Drive, West Chester, OH  45069 (Satellite Location) are now accepting applications for their Dental Assisting program.  “The first Dental Assisting cohort is scheduled to start on September 3, 2013,” said Edward Rito, Campus President for the Ohio locations of Antonelli College.

“Antonelli College has been providing highly-skilled professional Dental Assistants at the Jackson and Hattiesburg locations in Mississippi and we want to provide the same quality of graduates to serve the Greater Cincinnati dental community,” continued Rito. Graduates of the program will earn an Associate of Applied Science degree in Dental Assisting upon successful completion of the program.  The Dental Assisting program is a comprehensive program designed to provide the correct mix of technical training and general education to ensure graduates are able to function effectively as highly-skilled professionals. Students will be able to complete the program in 19 months or less.

This program will prepare the student to perform both clinical and administrative functions in the general practice or specialty dental office setting. The program includes lecture and discussion, extensive “hands-on” laboratory experience, and an externship at local dental practices. Students will learn various tasks of a Dental Assistant such as patient records management, dental laboratory procedures, oral hygiene education, “four-handed” dentistry, as well as specific training in all dental specialties.  Graduates of this program will also complete training in Dental Radiography.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, employment of dental assistants is expected to grow by 31 percent from 2010 to 2020, much faster than the average for all occupations. Ongoing research linking oral health and general health will continue to increase the demand for preventive dental services. As dental practices grow, more dental assistants will be needed. Job prospects for dental assistants should be excellent. In addition to job openings due to employment growth, numerous job openings will arise out of the need to replace assistants who transfer to other occupations, retire, or leave for other reasons. Many opportunities for entry-level positions offer on-the-job training, but some dentists prefer to hire experienced assistants or those who have completed a dental-assisting program.

Those interested in applying to Antonelli College’s Dental Assisting program should contact the College at the Cincinnati Main Campus at 513.241.4338, at the West Chester, OH location at 513.330.6807 or request information at www.antonellicollege.edu.

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Antonelli College Announces New Degree Program - Marketing and Social Media Management

Posted on

Antonelli College Announces New Degree Program: Social Media Management
Antonelli College’s new program prepares students for a variety of professions in a growing career field, meeting the needs of local companies looking to grow their business through social media.

Cincinnati, OH– Antonelli College is now offering a Social Media Management Associate degree at both their downtown Cincinnati campus, located at 124 East 7th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 and their West Chester, Ohio, campus, located at 9100 West Chester Towne Centre Road, West Chester Township, OH 45069.      

“Social media continues to drive business decisions and influence our lives,” said Phyllis Forney, Campus President of Antonelli College’s West Chester Campus. “Social media is an under-utilized resource for many businesses.  Our degree program is not just for students who seek a career in social media, but companies who seek to tap the marketing power and influence of new media.”

Social media marketing students will not only gain an understanding of different social media channels and how to effectively apply them to meet business goals, but will also understand how to select the right social media tool for a campaign, and how to measure and collect data to understand the value behind social media.  In addition, the degree will give students a strong background in marketing, public relations, communications, customer service, and social media applications.

As a specialist in the field, graduates will work in positions such as Social Media Strategist, Social Media Marketing Manager, Blogger/Social Media Content Manager, Online Community Manager, Search Engine Marketing Associate, and Public Relations Brand Manager.

“Our goal is to make sure our graduates acquire the skills companies are looking for in employees focused on social media,” Karen Gautreau, Campus President of Antonelli College’s Cincinnati campus, explained. “We’re working with local businesses and studying current trends and technology to keep the degree content relevant.”

Antonelli College is currently accepting student applications for Social Media Management.  For more information, contact Phyllis Forney at 513/330-6807.

Antonelli College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), registration number # 90-03-1270-T. It offers students the opportunity to develop their gifts and talents in the arts, business and IT, health and well-being or medical into professional skills. A well-known asset of the visual arts community in Cincinnati, Ohio since 1947, Antonelli College offers degree programs at both their downtown and West Chester locations as well as two campuses in Mississippi, and online.

Learn more about the opportunities at Antonelli College, read our blog, or join our social communities on Facebook and Twitter.

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Antonelli College Recognizes Dean’s and Director’s Lists

Posted on

Antonelli College Recognizes Dean’s and Director’s Lists
37 students recognized for quarterly success   

CINCINNATI – A total of 37 Antonelli College students have been named to either the Director’s or Dean’s List for academic achievement in the 2011 Winter quarter. Of the group, 14 students accumulated a perfect 4.0 GPA earning placement on the Director’s List; the remaining 23 were awarded Dean’s List accolades for their 3.6 – 3.89 GPA.

In total, seven of Antonelli College’s nine degree programs are represented and the list is comprised of just over a tenth of the total student population.   

“To be named to an elite group in any undertaking is an achievement, but to place such a high emphasis on your education and work to improve your future is truly commendable,” said Executive Campus Director, Karen Gautreau.

Interior Design, the fourth largest program at Antonelli College, led the rankings with 21 percent of the students being named to either list.

“The students accept any challenge we give them and these honors are a testament to how hard they are working to build their skill set for the future,” said Deborah Norman, Interior Design department chair. Among those included in the Interior Design group was Paola Roumani, the 2011 Winter cohort Valedictorian.

Graphic Design, the second largest program at Antonelli College, was a close second with just under 20 percent of their student population being recognized.

“We have a sign hanging on our floor which states ‘Good art hangs on your mom’s fridge, great design is created at Antonelli College’ – as you can see, the students believe in this mantra and are pushing themselves to create something more,” said Melissa Ferguson, Graphic Design department chair. 

Members of the Director’s List include: Matthew Baylor (Photography), Autumn Bennett (Photography), Heather Campbell (Graphic Design), Anita Colon (Hospitality Arts), Irene Hiteman-Sexton (Photography), Charles Lepak (Photography), Kristal Miller (Interior Design), Ericka Reed (Massage), Paola Roumani (Interior Design), Christopher Rumer (Photography), James Sams (Photography), Lenaya Spinelli (Interior Design), Heather Tolf-McDermott (Non-Degree Seeking) and Sasha Turner (Graphic Design).

Members of the Dean’s List include: Laura Beck (Photography), Trisha Day (Photography), Jennifer Graham (Photography), Adelia Jefferson (Massage), Sashia Jenkins (Graphic Design), Mitchell Jobe (Graphic Design), Sara Klimczewski (Photography), Amber Kolde-Johnston (Interior Design), Alysia Lang (Interior Design), Temesha Love (Medical Coding), Suzanne Norman (Interior Design), Keith Ohmer (Graphic Design), Olivia Parrish (Graphic Design), James Payton (Photography), Celicia Portwood Cole (Medical Coding), Gwyneth Ravenscraft (Graphic Design), Roberta Reid (Business Administration), Ashley Seiter (Interior Design), Jessica Sizemore (Graphic Design), Jamie Voet (Medical Coding), Marques Wilcox (Graphic Design), Kennady Wolfe (Photography) and Ashley Zych (Photography).

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Antonelli College Announces Social Media Management Program

Posted on

Antonelli College Announces Social Media Management Program
Becomes first known school to offer Associate of Applied Business – Social Media Management degree

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Antonelli College announces the addition of the Social Media Management program to their existing list of 17 academic offerings spanning four disciplines across five facilities.  The Mississippi campuses, located in Hattiesburg and Jackson, will be the first to host the program.  Classes will begin on May 10, 2011, but interested students may begin enrolling by contacting an Admissions Representative at (601) 583-4100.

Antonelli College received approval for the program from the Accrediting Commissions of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) at the end of March.  With the approval, the school will become the first known college or university in the United States to offer an accredited associate degree specifically focusing on social media management.

The program was designed to prepare students to navigate, and help to define, the rapidly changing world of social media as both a professional tool and personal communications channel.

“With many organizations adding social media marketing to their integrated marketing plan, we felt that there was a definite need to educate capable individuals with an ambition to pursue this field,” said Steve Bryant, Campus Director. “We are very excited about the possibilities that the Social Media Management program will offer our students and our community.” 

“As we researched the trends in areas such as social media and inbound, outbound and mobile marketing, the need for this degree was clear,” said Jason Davis, Corporate Marketing.  “As a career college our mission is to provide a quality education to future members of the workforce and respond to the most in-demand fields.”

Per a 2010 Nielsen study, Americans spend 906 million hours on social networks and blogs per month – validating Davis’ statement that the need to manage and provide content for such networks is evident.

Yet, social media managers are responsible for more than releasing snippets of information via Twitter or updating a Facebook status.  The SMM program’s foundation is enriched with disciplines such as economics, marketing, public relations and entrepreneurship.   These elements resulted in the program residing in Antonelli College’s Business and Information Technology  department.  As social media success relies on engagement and two-way communication, coursework will also stress principles such as branding, culture, ethics and predicting future trends. 

Students who enroll in the program full-time can expect to graduate in 21 months.  Upon completion, graduates may seek entry-level employment in various industries, with the most promising including healthcare, telecommunications, retail and automotive.  Should they choose to be self-employed, the field provides opportunities as independent consultants.

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Junior Achievement at Antonelli College Cincinnati
On Friday, Antonelli College Cincinnati hosted a group of students from the Junior Achievement program for Job Exploration Day 2018! Students learned about professionalism and career planning, and had the opportunity to gain hands on expe...
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