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Online Business Management Degree Programs

Posted on

Students who are contemplating about taking an online business management degree program have myriad of choices as well as on their area of specialization. But it will take a bit of perusing and research to sort the options by the type of online school, requirement for the degree and the cost that will be suitable for you.  We have compiled the necessary information to assist the student and narrow down their choices.  

A Short but Comprehensive Guide about Online Business Management Degree Programs

Managers on different sectors are highly responsible for the success of the business.  They are required to finish a post-graduate course in order to effectively assume the role of being a leader.  Let us take a more comprehensive look on the timeline of Online Business Management Degree Programs.

Associate Degree

The associate degree in management may last for 2 years, and it is also referred to as associate degree in Business Management.  It highly varies on the curriculum and institution. Antonelli College's online business management degree program a 19-month program that will provide the student about the basic of general education and business knowledge.  Contingent upon the program, the Associate degree may include 1/3 about management, 1/3 on general business and the remaining 1/3 about general education.  Core programs usually include communication, human resources, marketing, entrepreneurship, and accounting.

Bachelor’s Degree

The Bachelors level in Online Business Management Degree requires a 120-hour program that usually last for 4 years.  Theoretically, it is consists of 2-year basic education in the fields of science and liberal arts and at least 2 years of concentration in the management area.  Typically students are expected to maintain a minimum grade of 2.0 GPA.  The course is basically a semblance of 4-year bachelor in business curriculum, but the major elective subjects heavily focus on human resources and project management, supply chain, business law, financial management, leadership and organizational structure. 

Master’s Degree

Major universities and colleges are offering this Online Business Management Degree.  The program may take from 1-3 years contingent upon the length of the program and the extent of time that they have to work.  Students of business management have 2 Master degree options to choose from; MBA (Master of Business Administration) and a Master of Business with specialization (i.e. Accounting or Marketing).  There are more than 2,000 educational facilities offering MBA, and most of them are focusing entirely on leadership skill and practical management.  The 30% of the entire curriculum is actually similar with other Master degree.  Masters with specialization is more concentrated on theoretical and academic which is centered on research, analysis and a thesis.

Finally, when choosing the school that offers Online Business Management Degree, you should think about quality.  They should be accredited, support the alumni and student and an efficient delivery of their online course system.


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Now Offering Cincinnati Night Classes for All Our College Degree Programs

Posted on

Cincinnati Campus Night ClassesThe current job market is very competitive, and you must do your best to ensure you have an edge over your peers. Getting a college degree should therefore not be postponed any longer. We are proud to announce that we now offer night classes for all our college degree courses at our Cincinnati ground campus. If you have a very hectic schedule, Cincinnati night classes are quite convenient and beneficial. Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider taking our night classes.

Flexibility in scheduling

Designing the best college plan can quite a challenge, especially for people who have other responsibilities like a full-time job. However, with our Cincinnati night classes you get extra flexibility in your learning schedule that allows you to continue working while attending school. In addition, if you need take more lessons to meet your graduation requirements, then you can also take advantage of night classes.

More diversity

Cincinnati night classes create a good opportunity for a broader range of students to enroll in college. People with family obligations and those who have full-time jobs may not be able to attend a day class. Therefore, night classes are much more diverse as all these students who could not get an opportunity to study during the day can easily sign up for night sessions. You get to interact with people who have varied life experiences, which allow you to learn more from your peers.

Smaller classes 

Generally, Cincinnati night classes are smaller in terms of the number of students. This is likely because most students usually take day classes. However, the fact that there are fewer students in the class means significantly better student outcomes as it increases chances for more one-on-one attention with the instructor. This allows students to develop better learning relationships with both their fellow classmates and professors to enhance the learning experience.

Student satisfaction 

When you have a more diverse class and more flexibility in your class scheduling with Cincinnati night classes, you will definitely have a better college experience. This increases student satisfaction and as a result, you can absorb learning material better in this kind of environment.

With our brand new Cincinnati night classes for all our college degree courses, there is no reason why you should not complete that course you have been putting off because of lack of time. We can help you pick up that extra certification you need to boost your job prospects and get that promotion you have been eyeing. So ensure you sign up for our night classes today to start receiving all the benefits mentioned above and so much more.

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5 Tips for Being a Better Online Student as You Earn Your Information Technology Degree

Posted on

By earning an associate’s degree in information technology, you open up a door to a whole new world of career opportunities. It may seem far away, but getting this degree is more attainable than you realize. Through Antonelli College you can earn your information technology degree online for the utmost convenience. Study and learn around your job and family commitments. Learning online isn’t any easier than learning in a classroom; it’s just more flexible. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your online education:


1.     Interact with instructors and students. Being an online student feels a little isolating. In a classroom you benefit from the back-and-forth with your instructor and your fellow students. You can ask questions in real time and learn from each other. When learning online, it can be easy to sink back and never interact. Make a point to get involved through forums, emails, and any other interactive features offered.

2.     Practice your new tech skills. As a student of information technology, it may seem that learning online is ideal. On the other hand, when you’re in a real-time computer lab, you have an instructor pushing you to try assignments and practice. In your online course, you’re more on your own. Make sure you take the time to practice the new skills you’re learning so you will be successful in your new IT career.

3.     Practice good time management. Online learning is a great way to get an education when you have other responsibilities that take up your time. With this flexibility, though, comes even more responsibility. To make sure you can get it all done and to be successful in your coursework, you need to be able to manage your time well. Keep a detailed calendar and plan out your days and weeks to ensure you have time for everything.

4.     Find a good study environment. Without a classroom you have to find just the right place to learn and study. This is crucial to being able to focus and learn. Find a quiet spot that allows you to shut out distractions during your dedicated study time. If you don’t have a separate room to shut the door on distractions, consider getting noise-cancelling headphones to help you focus.

5.     Strike a balance. You are getting an online education most likely because you have family or work obligations, or both, that prevent you from participating in a traditional classroom. To succeed you need to find a balance between all your responsibilities. Staying organized and using good time management helps. Make sure your family knows that you have certain times when you have to be studying and ask them to respect that.


Once you earn your Associate of Applied Business in Information Technology degree from Antonelli, you won’t regret the effort you had to put into it. An online program like this gives you flexibility and opens up new opportunities, but it isn’t always easy. With these tips and your family’s encouragement, you can earn your degree and find yourself with a great new career.

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3 Common Myths about Working in Hospitality

Posted on

Careers in hospitality are hot right now, and you can be a part of it with the right education. An Associate of Applied Business in Hospitality Management from Antonelli College is all you need to get your foot in the door. The types of careers available to you with this degree are varied and lucrative. Get out of the spinning wheel that is your current dead-end job and find a real career in this people-oriented field. If you have never considered hospitality before, maybe you believed some of the common myths about the industry. Here are three of the big ones and the reasons they shouldn’t prevent you from joining the hospitality work force:


1.     Hospitality workers are maids. Many people have this thought and similar ones when thinking about the field of hospitality. Sure, there are plenty of maids, bellhops, servers, and other workers in the industry that have no formal training, but there are many more great opportunities for people with the right qualifications. With a degree in hospitality management you can bypass those low-paying hospitality jobs and start your career off as a hotel or restaurant manager, conference center event planner, wine steward, bar manager or caterer. These positions are much more interesting and pay better than what you might expect for the typical hospitality jobs.

2.     Hospitality jobs require long hours. If you’re looking for a new career, chances are you want something that will let you spend more time with your family. Careers in hospitality have a lot of variety when it comes to working hours, and in fact, many of the positions can be part time. If you want to work less and still earn a decent income, these kinds of part time jobs can be a great choice. And because this is a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week industry, you can also choose a career in hospitality that works around your schedule. Night shifts, day shifts, and weekends are all possible.

3.     Only women work hospitality. Don’t let the fact that you think this is a career for women hold you back from a great job in hospitality. It’s true that many people consider this a caring type of industry, best suited for women, but there are plenty of men working in hospitality and enjoying it. Along with the skills you learn by earning a hospitality degree, you need to enjoy working with people, whether you are a man or a woman. All kinds of people find success in this career.


Now that you know a little bit more about this industry, it’s time to seriously consider your future career. If you enjoy helping people, you want to be able to choose your working hours and you want a new challenge, hospitality could be for you. Start working toward your degree from Antonelli College and you can have your new career in no time.

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The Importance of Financial Management in Today’s Economy

Posted on

By earning an Associate’s Degree in Financial Management from Antonelli College you will become an active and important part of the modern economy. No business functioning today can be successful without workers who have the skills to manage money, do the accounting and bookkeeping, collect bills, and run payroll. Managing finances is so important to businesses today, which means that you have a chance to work toward a stable and rewarding career in this field.


There is no Business without Financial Management

Businesses generate money; they pay bills for materials; they pay employees; they earn money by selling products or services. Without someone to manage the money coming in and going out, a business can’t exist. Entrepreneurship and small businesses are on the rise in today’s economy and that means that more positions for financial managers will continue to become available. With the skills you learn earning a degree in the subject you can become this crucial cog in just about any business.


Businesses Need Cost Analysis

If the finances of a business aren’t managed well it could be leaking money. Every company needs someone skilled in accounting and bookkeeping, not just to keep the books, but to look at the finances with a critical eye. A good financial manager can study each line item and decide where money could be saved or more should be spent. The same people who develop and sell products and services for a business don’t necessarily have the time or the knowledge to do this kind of financial work, which is why a good financial manager is so important.


Businesses Have to Manage Payroll

Even small businesses, with only a handful of employees need to devote time to payroll. For larger companies, paying employees can easily get out of control without good management. All businesses need someone to handle payroll. With your degree in financial management you could work for a small- or medium-sized business as a payroll manager, or you could work for a payroll company handling the payroll accounts for any number of larger businesses.


Smart Businesses Plan for Taxes

The tax code is more complicated than ever, and if you understand accounting you can play an important role in any business. Planning for taxes involves being able to pay quarterly estimated taxes, deciding when the best time to make big purchases is, and trying to maximize deductions. Even for a small business, taxes are complex and making sure they get paid and that money isn’t wasted is crucial for the success of a company of any size.


The importance of financial management for any business can’t be overstated. Without managing the money, no company can be successful. When you study at Antonelli College and earn a degree in financial management, you make yourself invaluable to a number of employers. You can earn your degree with a flexible schedule while taking care of family responsibilities and put yourself on a path to a great and stable career in a field that will always be open to skilled and talented workers.

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Why Sales Management is Important to our Consumer Economy

Posted on

We live in a consumer economy, with as much as 70 percent of spending done by consumers. This means that selling to consumers is crucial to keeping the economy afloat. Consumer spending is especially important when the economy is recovering from a recession. With so much riding on consumers buying what retailers are selling, sales management becomes a vital cog in the machinery of the economy. You can be a part of this by earning an associate degree in sales management from Antonelli College. Doing so will put you at the heart of our consumer economy and here’s why:

·       Consumer spending drives the economy. If you listen to financial news, you will hear this common statement said in many different ways. We live in a consumer economy and consumption of goods and services by individuals and businesses is essential to keeping it going. Economists always get nervous when consumers switch from spending to saving, highlighting the importance of consumerism to the overall economy. Consumer needs and wants drive that spending, but sales management teams motivate them to spend more.

·       Businesses need to sell to survive. In any kind of economy, a business has a job to sell products and services. If a company can’t be competitive and get their goods out to consumers, it won’t last long. Selling may begin with the quality of the product or service, but it is the sales management team that drives the consumer to pull the trigger and buy.

·       Sales management is the lynchpin of a business. A successful business has many important components. It must have good leaders guiding the workers and the company as a whole. Those who create and develop the products and services are essential for providing consumers with something they both want and need. Most importantly though, sales management convinces consumers that they want and need what is being sold. Without a good sales team, a business cannot survive.

·       Sales teams drive economic recovery. We have come through a bad recession, and the sign that the economy is in recovery is always related to consumer spending. When people slow down their savings and speed up their spending, we all breathe a sigh of relief. Sales management is responsible for convincing consumers to spend more and continue the recovery of a healthy economy. Recovery is when sales teams really step up their games and make a big contribution to bringing strength back to the economy.

If you want to be a part of a strong, recovering economy, sales management is a great place to start. With an associate’s degree from Antonelli College, you can learn the skills you need to find your new career in sales. You can take classes around your schedule and finish your degree sooner than you imagined was possible. With your degree you will find yourself ready to work in a field that is not only important to the economy, but one that can provide you with a stable and meaningful career.


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5 Fundamentals to Improve Your Sales Management Skills

Posted on

Sales is an exciting career, especially for anyone who is outgoing and enjoys being around people. With an Associate Degree of Applied Business in Sales Management, you can learn the skills to launch your career in sales. Maybe you already have sales experience from working in retail and you want to work your way up into a management position or on a sales team for a larger company. If you love sales, here are five ways you can up your game: 

1.     Get hands-on experience. Selling is an action, which means you can’t do it well without practice. If you have yet to get into sales, now is the time to start practicing. If you work toward a sales management degree at Antonelli College, you will participate in hands-on sales experiences, including an internship. This real-world experience in sales will help you cement the skills you have learned about sales and management.

2.     Learn to be a coach. A career in sales management isn’t just about selling; it’s also about managing a sales team. Think of it like a sports team. You are the coach and your sales representatives are the players. To get the most out of them you have to coach and lead them. You can learn coaching skills from sports experiences, but also from life coaching. Learning more about either position will help you be a better leader once you find a position in sales management.

3.     Earn a degree. You don’t necessarily have to have degree to work in sales, but it will help you immensely. By earning a degree you show potential employers that you are serious about your future in sales and management. On a practical level, a degree in sales management also gives you the skills you need to be good at your job in sales. You will learn invaluable lessons in the classroom from teachers who have been in sales for their entire careers.

4.     Focus on needs. Selling is all about finding out what a potential customer needs. Regardless of what you’re selling, if you can play to a need that your customer has, you can sell it. Always think in terms of a problem your customer has and what he or she needs to fix it; then you can sell anything.

5.     Set goals. Being good at sales management is like anything else in life. It requires knowledge, skills, and practice. To go above and beyond, though, you need to set goals. People who set goals are more successful because they have something concrete to work towards. As you learn to improve your skills, set small, incremental, and achievable goals and you will succeed.

The best way to jumpstart your career in this field is to get started in our sales management degree program. Whether you have yet to land your first sales job or you’re stagnating in in your current sales position, a degree can give you the push you need to take the next step forward and to improve your sales management skills.

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Top 3 Career Paths for Business Management Graduates

Posted on

There is no doubt that you can set yourself up for a brighter future with an Associate’s Degree in Business Management from Antonelli College. We’ve designed the program to give you the skills you need to get ahead in a real-world business environment.


But one thing to remember is that a business degree provides a lot of flexibility to graduates — you don’t have to settle for just any job! It’s a good idea to consider the career path that’s best for you, whether you’re still a student or already a graduate.


To get your brain working, here are 3 career paths to consider when you have an Associate’s Degree in Business Management from Antonelli College:


1. Business


Okay, this one is obvious. A Business Management Degree gets you ready for the business world by providing crucial skills like software, accounting, research and writing. But you may not have considered that these skills are transferable to any kind of business. Want an office job? Go for it. But you can also pursue jobs in retail, restaurants, entertainment, manufacturing, — virtually any industry that interests you. And don’t forget there is always the option to start your own business.


2. Non-Profits


As you know, non-profits generally exist to support a cause of some kind. But what you may not have realized is that non-profits are still businesses. They have different ways of getting money and a different tax structure. Nevertheless non-profits have to worry about overhead, payroll and technology solutions — all the stuff that you learn about when you study Business Management. Bare in mind that non-profit employees sometimes don’t earn as much as their for-profit counterparts. But they find that working for a cause they believe in makes up for it.


3. Education


The same goes for the education sector as it does for non-profits — there are all kinds of skills, and most are not businesses. But in terms of skills, there’s a lot of overlap. For example, just like a business, a school is an organization with employees (teachers) and managers (administrators). In many institutions of higher education, you’ll find positions that specifically require business skills like accounting or marketing.


You may be looking at the above list and thinking, “But these career paths include almost any industry.” That’s kind of the point. An Associate’s Degree in Business Management can prepare you for a rewarding career in business. But the skills you’ll learn will be valuable anywhere.

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Antonelli College Announces A2B - Associates Degree to Bachelor Degree Transfer Program with National American University

Posted on

Antonelli College signs an Associates Degree to Bachelor Degree program articulation agreement with National American University

Nationally-accredited Antonelli College has entered into an articulation agreement with regionally-accredited National American University for an Associates Degree to Bachelor Degree transfer program.

This will facilitate a block transfer of college credits earned from any of Antonelli College's A.A.S or A.A.B programs towards one of four Bachelor of Science degree programs at National American University. The four Bachelor degree programs that Associate degree graduates can enter are the Bachelor of Science in Management program, Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management program, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program, or the Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership program.

“The new partnership with National American University offers a terrific opportunity for our students who are interested in going to the next level of education and complete their Bachelor’s degree without starting over,” said Antonelli College's Online Campus President, Stacie Hendrickson. “Antonelli College is committed to providing our students with the roadmap they need to continue their education and launch successful careers in a highly competitive job market.” .

The articulation agreement outlines specific courses Antonelli College students must take in order to transfer into one of the four degree majors at NAU. For more information on the articulation agreement or the course transfer matrices, visit http://www.antonellicollege.edu/admissions/associates-degree-to-bachelor-program.

Associates to Bachelors Program


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