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You have begun the search for colleges in the Jackson, MS area, and we are glad that Antonelli College is high on your list. We provide our students with a variety of degree and diploma programs, all taking place in a warm learning environment, with instructors who have one goal: providing you with classroom instruction and training that could increase the chances of you having a successful career in the industry that you have chosen to enter.

Why Antonelli College?

If you are wondering why you should choose Antonelli College in Jackson, MS, the answer is: Why not? Our classroom sizes are small, giving each student the chance to have a more one-on-one type of learning experience. We also help our students prepare for the various certification exams that they may be required to take before they can begin working in the career of their choice. In addition to the great instructors that we have, along with our professional staff, the Jackson campus also provides students with assistance pertaining to finding career opportunities once they have successfully completed their degree or diploma program.

Antonelli College in Jackson goes that extra mile to make sure our students have the opportunity to receive a quality education.

Our Degree and Diploma Programs

The Jackson campus offers students a variety of degree and diploma programs. Each program at Antonelli College was designed to give you the classroom instruction and training that could be helpful in real-life work settings. The programs that we offer on our Jackson, MS campus include:

The representatives at Antonelli College in Jackson are available to help you learn more about each of these programs, which could help you choose the program that is best suited to meet your educational interests. You should learn as much about the industry that you could potentially work in, which is why we provide our students with information that pertains to the overview of our degree and diploma programs, in addition to the objectives, outcome, and job outlook for the industry that you are choosing to study.

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Taking the Next Step

When you contact us to learn about the degree and diploma programs offered at our Jackson, MS, campus, you are taking the next step in your educational journey. We are conveniently located miles away from the airport on Lakeland Drive. You can begin studying at an excellent college, while enjoying the rich culture and entertainment that Jackson, MS, has to offer.

Directions to Antonelli College - Jackson, MS

Antonelli College – Jackson Campus
460 Briarwood Drive, Ste 200
Jackson, MS 39206

This is your Dream, along with our Mission, and together, we could help you meet your Goals. Contact Antonelli College in Jackson today to get started!

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