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Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies in Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Welcome to Antonelli College!

Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies in Hattiesburg, Mississippi

If you’re searching for a paralegal degree program in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, contact Antonelli College! Our Associate of Applied Business in Paralegal Studies is a great way to begin a career in the legal professions!

Paralegals help attorneys help their clients. For paralegals, this can mean a wide range of responsibilities, such as:

  • Investigating the facts of a case
  • Writing reports to assist attorneys preparing for trials
  • Drafting legal documents and correspondence
  • Reviewing trial transcripts
  • And more!

Antonelli College’s paralegal program is designed to impart all these tasks — when our graduates are hired by an attorney, we want them to hit the ground running. Our Associate Degree in paralegal studies will also prepare you for the national paralegal certification exam, because certification can be a big advantage in the job market!

About the Paralegal Program

At Antonelli College, we want to ease the path to your educational goals. We offer both day and evening classes, because we know that our students need that flexibility. Our Hattiesburg campus is conveniently accessible by public transportation. And our small class sizes create a warm, supportive learning environment. It takes most students 24 months to complete an Antonelli College program.

Our paralegal studies program provides the opportunity to gain real-world knowledge and experience from our instructors, who are seasoned teachers and licensed attorneys. The curriculum focuses on investigation tactics, organization, client relations, transcription and customer service. You can also learn about client confidentiality requirements, legal research and writing and the basics of the field of law. Finally, as a graduate of our Paralegal Studies program, you can be knowledgeable in commonly used software and business practices needed in today’s paralegal settings.

This quality combination of training, flexibility and support makes Antonelli College a great choice for a paralegal degree in Mississippi!

Career Opportunities

The Associate of Applied Business in Paralegal Studies at our Hattiesburg campus can increase your chances of finding opportunities in many different types of law. You’ll be qualified to apply for paralegal jobs in:

  • Tax law
  • Corporate law
  • Criminal law
  • Government
  • Medicare
  • Real estate
  • And more!

Another great thing to remember is that the law is a huge part of American life. This means that you can look for positions in all kinds of organizations, such as:

  • Financial institutions
  • Legal firms
  • Hospitals
  • Non-profits
  • Government agencies
  • And more!

Why Antonelli?

Antonelli College, established in 1947 as the Gabbard Art School in Cincinnati, Ohio, has operated under its current name since 1982 and offered online programs since 2008. The school is known for its state-of-the-art programs that meet the needs of the business world taught to students in a small class format by experienced professionals.

For more information about the Associate in Paralegal Studies at Antonelli Online contact us today at 877.500.4304.

Contact Antonelli College for Paralegal Studies Apply for Admission to the paralegal Program

Information Technology Degrees in Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Welcome to Antonelli College!

Information Technology Degrees In Hattiesburg, Mississippi

If you’re looking for an Information Technology Degree in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, it’s time to consider Antonelli College. Our Associate of Applied Business in Information Technology degree is a great way to get started in the exciting world of Information Technology (IT).

IT is a challenging field, involving computer hardware, software and networking. A good IT also needs people skills, as many techs spend time helping computer users. Antonelli College’s Information Technology program can help you learn all these skills — which could mean a big advantage in the job market!

One of best things about an IT degree is that there are careers in pretty much every sector you can think of — business, industry, manufacturing, education, non-profit and more. Whichever sector interests you; Antonelli College’s Hattiesburg program is designed to prepare you for a rewarding career in Information Technology.

About the Information Technology Program

Students typically take 24 months to earn their IT degree. It’s a flexible program, with day and evening classes to choose from. Our Hattiesburg campus is also conveniently accessible by public transportation, and our small class sizes create a warm, supportive learning environment.

Antonelli College’s Associate of Applied Business in Information Technology degree can equip you with the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to get you started on a career in the field. You can gain a solid understanding of the technological aspects that can prepare you for today’s ever-changing IT environment.

Here are just a few of the skills that you can learn when you study IT at our Hattiesburg campus:

  • Hardware Installation
  • Server Configuration
  • Network Standards and Protocols
  • Security Concepts
  • Information Technology
  • Introduction to Management
  • Website Development
  • Microsoft Applications
  • and more!

In addition to classroom work, you will also receive preparation for examinations and certification. Some of the certifications that the Information Technology degree program on the Cincinnati campus will prepare you for include:

  • Microsoft MTA Certifications
  • CompTIA A+

Finally, our externship program provides real-world IT experience! All of this adds up to a comprehensive degree that makes Antonelli College a great choice for an IT program in Mississippi.

Career Opportunities

Our Information Technology program can prepare you for today’s competitive and fast-changing work environments. As a graduate, you’ll be qualified to apply for entry-level jobs such as:

  • Computer Technician
  • Desktop Support Technician
  • Cable Installation Technician
  • Help Desk Technician
  • Network Specialist
  • Technical Specialist
  • Computer Support Specialist
  • And more!

As you gain additional work experience and training, you can also qualify for advanced positions in Information Technology, such as Technical Support Manager or Network and System Administrator.

Why Antonelli?

Antonelli College, established in 1947 as the Gabbard Art School in Cincinnati, Ohio, has operated under its current name since 1982 and offered online program since 2008. The school is known for its state-of-the-art programs that meet the needs of the business world taught to students in a small class format by experienced professionals.

For more information about the Associate in Information Technology program at Antonelli College in Hattiesburg, Mississippi contact us today at 877.500.4304.

Contact Antonelli College for Information Technology in Hattiesburg, Mississippi Apply for Admission to Information Technology Program

Study Financial Management at Antonelli College

Welcome to Antonelli College!

Financial Management - Hattiesburg Campus

Pursuing an Associate’s Degree in Financial Management from Antonelli College in Hattiesburg, MS, can open the door for you to begin an entry-level career in accounting support in exciting fields such as commercial and consumer banking, accounts payable/receivable, customer service, sales and business support in the private sector, nonprofits and government organizations. You will enter the field with the professional skills you need in accounting software and principles of accountancy, along with knowledge of business management, ethics, sales, productivity software and customer service.

In as little as 16 months, you will have credentials that will make you a valuable asset in business. Not only will you have a theoretical background in financial management, but you will also have real life experience through projects and internship.

Your Duties in The Financial Management Field

As a professional in Financial Management, you will become well versed in the basics of accounting, finance and in navigating spreadsheets, as well as other financial documents. Your duties might include:

  • Preparing basic financial statements
  • Identifying, classifying, entering, adjusting and closing accounting transactions
  • Using financial spreadsheet applications such as Excel, QuickBooks and other software
  • Providing accounting and financial information to management to be used as a decision-making tool
  • Communicating information about accounting findings in an understandable manner to other personnel

Other beneficial skills include:

  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills
  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Finesse in dealing with others

Career Opportunities

Your degree in financial management will serve you well in many situations both in and out of the financial world, as the need for bookkeeping and accounting services is universal in business. Whether you see your Associate’s Degree as the first step to obtaining a four-year degree or whether you want an education with an immediate payoff, there are many opportunities available.

Entry-level job titles, along with their salaries, might include:

With an Associate’s Degree, finding employment in the field is facilitated as it offers many jobs for candidates in fast-growing areas.

Your Course of Study

The coursework you will study at Antonelli College will introduce you to the basics of management, accounting, marketing, business law and economics. In addition, you will gain competency in business software, customer service, accounting and payroll.

AC1104 Principles of Financial Accounting 4
AC1204 Principles of Managerial Accounting 4
AC2204 Computerized Accounting Applications 4
AC2304 Payroll Accounting 4
BM1104 Introduction to Business Management 4
BM1204 Professional Communications 4
BM2204 Sales, Persuasion, and Customer Service 4
BM2304 Human Resource Management 4
BM2504 Business Law 4
BM2904 Internship in Business Management 4
CC1104 The Freshman Experience 4
CC2104 Transition to Professional Practice 4
DL1104 Productivity Software I 4
DL1204 Productivity Software II 4
EN1104 English Composition I 4
EN1204 Oral Communications 4
Restricted Elective(s)* 12
Humanities Elective(s) 4
Social Science Elective(s) 4
Mathematics Elective(s) 4
Natural Science Elective(s) 4
General Elective(s) 4
Program Total 96

* Restricted electives in this program are drawn from courses in Accounting (AC), Business Management (BM), Digital Literacy and Productivity (DL), Information Technology (IT), Hospitality Management (HM), Marketing (MK) or other courses relevant to the student’s career objectives by permission of the Department Chair.

Why Antonelli College, Hattiesburg Campus?

You can obtain an Associate Degree of Financial Management at the Hattiesburg, MS, campus of Antonelli College and online.

Located at 1500 N 31st Ave, Hattiesburg, MS 39402, the Hattiesburg campus is part of a school that dates back to 1947, when the Gabbard Art School was opened in Cincinnati, Ohio. Called Antonelli College since 1982, the school is dedicated to offering state-of-the-art training to students, who are taught in a small class format by professionals with experience in the subjects they teach.

For more information about the Associate in Financial Management program at the Hattiesburg campus of Antonelli College, contact us today at 877.500.4304.

School contact for Antonelli College's Online Medical Coding program Apply for Admission to Online Medical Biller Coder Training

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